Biometrics Secure Data

Computer security tokens

Security tokens are widely used today for computer and network access. The most pervasive is the SecurID token from RSA, which is a keychain-attachable device that generates a time-synchronous unique sequence of numbers known as a one-time password (OTP).

The OTP works in conjunction with the employee's network username and password or PIN. A database tracks which token has been issued to each user, so that the organization knows who is accessing the protected system by determining which SecurID token was used. The OTP is significantly more secure than a traditional password, though it is still susceptible to security breaches if the device were stolen. It can be used without detection by anyone with access to the user's username and password.

The plusID security device from Privaris incorporates RSA SecurID one-time password delivery, providing an additional security factor, i.e. biometrics, to eliminate this risk.

plusID releases a one-time-password only after the user has successfully verified their identity with their fingerprint. The OTP is displayed on the plusID's LCD and can be automatically transmitted wirelessly via Bluetooth, via a USB connection, or manually entered.

The plusID device offers enterprises an affordable and convenient three-factor authentication solution.

Biometrics Secure Data

A computer security token is a small portable device that can be issued to individuals in an organization to provide access to protected resources. Security tokens can store passwords, cryptographic keys, and biometric data, and may include keypads to enter alphanumeric PINs.

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