plusID Personal Biometric Tokens Integrate                  RSA SecurID Technology

Three-Factor Authentication & the Convenience of           Auto-Fill of the One-Time Password

Privaris takes the security of RSA’s SecurID one-time password (OTP) technology to the next level by integrating it into plusID for a three-factor authentication solution – with no changes required to existing RSA SecurID systems.

The plusID token generates the SecurID password only after a successful biometric verification on the authorized user’s personal device.

Not just more secure, plusID makes SecurID more convenient by automatically transferring the OTP to the user’s host computer via USB or via a Bluetooth wireless connection.  At public PC’s or kiosks where no connection is possible, the OTP is displayed on the plusID’s LCD for manual entry.

Commissioning plusID as a SecurID token adds the security of biometric verification, the convenience of automatic transfer of the OTP, and the efficiency of issuing a single credential in place of multiple cards, fobs and passwords. It’s a winning combination.

Bullet Biometric verification ensures that only the plusID’s authorized user is granted access to IT resources
Bullet Delivers three-factor authentication
Bullet No infrastructure changes required, works with existing RSA SecurID systems for a quick and simple security upgrade
Bullet Eliminates manual entry of the one-time password (OTP)
Bullet Flexibility - three options for transferring the OTP:
  • Bluetooth™ (with an added layer of encryption for heightened security)
  • USB
  • Manually (from LCD)
Bullet Supports local and remote computer access
Bullet Eliminates the expense and liability of a biometric database - the user's fingerprint data never leaves their plusID token
Bullet Allows for a mixed population of non-biometric and biometric security technologies
Bullet Reclaimable and reusable - can be erased and re-issued
Bullet Fast and easy - typical authentication times of a second or less
Bullet Provides a non-repudiable audit trail and reduces the cost of compliance with SOX, HIPAA, FFIEC, etc.
Bullet Offers full cryptographic services
Bullet Reduces password/PIN maintenance costs and eliminates problems associated with multiple passwords
Bullet Enables a fully converged solution - physical and logical security in a single, universal identity credential


SecurID OTP “seeds” are purchased from RSA and loaded onto  plusID units by means of RSA’s token provisioning software. Multiple OTP seeds can be placed on a single plusID.

In addition, the plusID biometric token supports the industry's communications protocol for securing buildings in place of prox cards or contactless smart cards. One device supports both physical and IT security, providing a fully converged security solution Arrow