Key features of the plusID biometric security product

The rich and unique feature set of the plusID universal, personal biometric fob is vastly different from traditional biometric security solutions:

One device for physical and logical biometric access

Bullet supports multiple facilities and multiple card formats for existing door reader systems
Bullet provides access to IT resources such as PC's, applications, web sites, VPN's, email, and encrypted files
Bullet offers vehicle gate access at distances up to 100 meters
Bullet securely stores and transmits up to 2MB of user credentials (such as passwords, building access codes, identity documents, photos)

Personal privacy

Bullet all biometric processing, including enrollment and template matching is performed on the user's personal device never exposing biometric data to external servers, readers or databases
Bullet user's biometric information is stored on the secure device and never leaves it
Bullet eliminates the need for a biometric database or back-end servers

Compatible with industry standards

Bullet 125 kHz RFID: works with HID®, Indala®, Kantech and CASI proximity readers
Bullet 13.56 MHz RFID: 14443A & B, 15693 and NFC for smart card readers; supports iCLASS
Bullet ISO 7816 (Part 3) Smart Card compliant
Bullet Bluetooth™ (wireless) and USB connection to computers/networks
Bullet IEEE 802.15.4 for long-range gate access (up to 100 meters) from within moving vehicles
Bullet supports delivery of the RSA SecurID one-time password (OTP)

Cost effective

Bullet easy addition to existing security systems - no need to "rip and replace"
Bullet works on the same reader systems as prox and contactless smart cards
Bullet eliminates need for an external biometric database
Bullet eliminates need for biometric readers at every door and PC
Bullet reduces manpower at vehicle gates
Bullet can be erased and reissued


Bullet replaces multiple access cards, fobs, and passwords
Bullet personal biometric device upgrades security at every access point
Bullet fingerprint sensor on personal devices eliminates single point of system failure, congestion at doorways, and health risks from shared biometric readers
Bullet allows for mixed populations of biometric and non-biometric devices
Bullet less than one second verification times


Bullet designed to meet FIPS 140-2 level 3 security rating for tamper resistance
Bullet employs the BCM 5890 secure processor
Bullet false acceptance rates of 1 in 100,000
Bullet full cryptographic services provider for secure, encrypted data transmissions
Bullet can store and transmit other biometrics, i.e., facial pattern templates, for multiple biometric authentication