Deploying plusID biometric tokens

The Privaris plusID can be added to your existing physical and logical (computer) security environment with no changes to installed infrastructure, allowing for rapid enterprise integration.

1. Install plusID Manager software on a designated PC

Enrollment software can connect to plusID devices via Bluetooth™ or USB.

2. Issue devices

Enrollment Authority instructs user to swipe finger three times across their device's fingerprint sensor to complete enrollment.

The fingerprint is stored on the secure device and never released. No biometric database is required. Privacy is assured.

3. Ready devices for physical access

Simply download a card ID onto a plusID device using the plusID Manager software and it is ready to interface with door readers.

No changes are required to the door readers, access control software, or control panels.

4. Ready devices for IT access

plusID enumerates itself as a smart card, so for biometric logon simply connect a plusID device to any PC on a Microsoft® domain.*  plusID also works with select single sign-on (SSO) software, and can be easily configured to support RSA® one-time password technology.


IT'S REALLY THAT EASY. The plusID token is now ready to grant you, and only you, secure access to doorways and PC's – in place of proximity or smart cards – and for local or remote log-on to networks.




*requires Microsoft® smart card support on server and client machines