plusID works with your existing installed systems

The plusID personal biometric token works seamlessly with existing physical and IT security systems and makes adding biometrics a simple and cost effective option.

Physical Access

plusID devices work exactly like a proximity card or smart card and is licensed to operate with up to 90% of installed reader systems, including: HID®, Kantech, Indala®, CASI and SARGENT®.

IT/Logical Access

plusID is an ISO 7816 Part 3-compliant smart card, but in a form factor that allows it to support on-board biometric authentication of its user. When connected to a PC, the plusID token enumerates itself as a smart card, enabling a quick and easy full three-factor authentication solution. Additionally, plusID devices are compatible with existing logical access applications, and can be easily configured to support RSA SecurID® one-time password (OTP) technology, for businesses that have already invested in RSA OTP infrastructure. The device displays a one-time-password with each authentication that can be transmitted via Bluetooth™, USB, or manually entered.

A single plusID token can hold the equivalent of four proximity cards and four contactless smart cards (of varying formats and for multiple facilities) and still perform logical access.

plusID Supports
Bullet 125 kHz proximity technology supports HID, Kantech, Indala and CASI bit formats
Bullet 13.56 MHz read/write contactless smart card technology meets ISO 14443A & B, 15693, and NFC standards for contactless communications; supports HID iCLASS
Bullet ISO 7816 the device enumerates itself to computers as a smart card
Bullet Bluetooth™ 2.45 GHz, V1.1 certified.  PCs can be easily upgraded with a USB adaptor
Bullet USB 2.0 full-speed
Bullet IEEE 802.15.4 2.45 GHz long-range, in-vehicle gate access solution for distances up to 100 meters
Bullet RSA SecurID® one-time password one-time-password generated with each biometric authentication & automatically transmitted via Bluetooth™, USB, or can be manually entered.