Secure room

Biometric access control for mission critical rooms and facilities, fast and simple

Enhance the security of select rooms or facilities quickly and affordably without touching your access control system. Simply issue plusID personal biometric devices to the authorized personnel. Nothing else is required.

The device delivers the same standard code that a typical access card would deliver to the control system, but is only released after a biometric authentication has verified the user's identity.

The plusID personal biometric device works seamlessly with existing proximity and contactless smart card door readers, enabling the heightened security of biometrics to be added where, and as needed. It is an ideal solution for mission critical rooms or storage facilities such as:
  • computer server rooms, records rooms, network control centers, data centers, air traffic control rooms, armories, as well as cabinets that house drugs or hazardous materials
A single plusID can store up to four prox cards and four contactless smart cards of varying formats and for multiple facilities. The device works in place of an access card with 90% of existing contactless physical access control systems:
  • compatible with 125kHz proximity technology from HID®, Indala®, Kantech and CASI
  • 13.56 MHz contactless smart card technology (HID iCLASS)
  • RFID-enabled electronic door locks from SARGENT
Additionally, plusID is widely accepted among users because it:
  • protects personal privacy by securely storing all biometric data on the user's personal device, not in a database
  • is fast and easy to use, with typical verification times of a second or less
  • eliminates need to carry multiple building access cards
  • integrates seamlessly into daily routines
Secure room

"My company recently implemented new biometric security protocols for 'mission critical' employees. I was skeptical about the associated usability and maintenance headaches, not to mention the personal privacy issues associated with biometric solutions. But now, instead of a prox card to access the computer server room, I have a plusID device. One secure fob allows me fast access and keeps me private. Who knew biometric security could be so convenient and reliable?"

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