Secure building

Increase building security with no changes to your existing physical access systems

For security managers looking to increase physical security, the plusID is the first mobile device to reconcile secure biometric authentication with personal privacy, and enable a rapid and affordable biometric deployment without any changes to legacy security systems.

Adding plusID does not change use patterns, procedures, or your installed security system. The device is issued to employees in the same manner as a regular proximity access card (user enrollment is a simple, two-minute process). The device is then used just like an access card at existing door readers. Users simply turn on the device and swipe their finger across the fingerprint sensor scanner to enable access.

plusID can be issued to a subset of employees with a need for access to critical facilities or rooms, or to all employees to increase the level of security throughout an enterprise. plusID biometric fobs and access cards work seamlessly together on the same base of installed door readers.

plusID features for the enterprise:
Bullet An affordable, simple way to add biometrics
Bullet Works with legacy systems - no ripping and replacing required
  • Compatible with 125kHz proximity technology from HID®, Kantech, CASI and Indala®, RFID-enabled electronic door locks from SARGENT, and 13.56MHz (ISO 14443A&B) contactless smart card technology
  • One device holds up to four prox cards and four contactless smart cards of varying formats and for multiple facilities
  • Enables a mixed population of biometric and non-biometric technologies on same access control system
Bullet Reduces manpower at vehicle gates
Bullet Eliminates the need for a biometric database and the associated maintenance costs and liability
Bullet On-device fingerprint sensor reduces crowding and back-ups at entry points
Bullet Reclaimable and reusable - can be erased and re-issued at any time
Privaris designed the plusID biometric fob to promote widespread user acceptance:
Bullet protects personal privacy by securely storing all biometric data on the user's personal device, not in a database
Bullet is fast and easy to use, with typical verification times of a second or less
Bullet eliminates need to carry multiple building access cards
Bullet integrates seamlessly into daily routines

Finally, the same plusID devices used for physical access security can also be used for computer and network access across an organization, providing a fully converged security solution Arrow

Secure building

"Between unprecedented corporate growth and complexity and real-world security threats, there was no question that we needed to increase security at our facilities. Biometrics seemed like the logical next step from our proximity card system. But cost and employee receptiveness were two serious concerns. It turned out that the plusID device solved both. The plusID has totally changed my perception of biometrics."

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