Biometric Computer

Biometric security for protecting IT assets

Biometric computer security systems tie a unique physical attribute of a user to the IT resources and data that they are allowed to access.

Traditional computer security (also known as logical security) systems prompt a user to provide a username and password to gain access to a protected resource, while newer systems use smart cards or other security tokens to authenticate computer users.

Both password and token-based systems are susceptible to security breaches by unauthorized users; for example, most passwords are recorded on or near the computer that they're intended to secure, and if an individual's contactless smart card is stolen, anyone can use it.

By contrast, a biometric computer security system requires the user to provide a fingerprint (or other biometric) to the system, which is then verified against a stored biometric template. Because fingerprints offer an additional factor of authentication, i.e., something you are, in addition to something that you know (password), or have (token), biometric security systems offer significant improvements over traditional computer security.

The plusID security device from Privaris is a fingerprint-based, personal, mobile fob that can be used to authenticate users to computers, networks, websites, software, VPNs, encrypted files, and online applications.

The authorized user's fingerprint template and access credentials, such as a password, are securely stored on the plusID device during the issuance process, called enrollment. Once enrolled, the device will release the user's password only after a successful biometric verification. Both the fingerprint and the access credentials are securely stored in the tamper resistant device, so they cannot be obtained by unauthorized users.

Biometric computer security using plusID reduces the administrative hassle and the expense of IT password management. Studies have shown that 40-60% of IT help desk calls pertain to password maintenance, and on average, $250 per employee per year can be saved by eliminating these calls.

plusID Features
Bullet Enumerates itself to PC's as a smart card, allowing for a quick upgrade to biometric logon
Bullet Supports one-time password delivery (OTP) - a simple way to add biometrics to existing OTP infrastructure
Bullet Supports three-factor authentication
Bullet Flexibility - three communication options in each device:
  • Bluetooth™ (with an added layer of encryption for heightened security)
  • 13.56MHz (ISO 14443A, 14443B, 15693 and NFC)
  • USB
Bullet Reduces password/PIN maintenance costs and eliminates problems associated with multiple passwords
Bullet Supports local and remote computer access
Bullet Easily integrates with third party logical applications
Bullet A full cryptographic services provider
Bullet Does not require the added expense and liability of a biometric database
Bullet Allows for a mixed population of non-biometric and biometric security technologies
Bullet Reclaimable and reusable - devices can be erased and re-issued
Bullet Fast and easy to use - typical authentication times of a second or less
Bullet Simple to deploy - a two minute enrollment process


In addition, the plusID biometric fob supports the industry's 125 kHz communications protocol for securing buildings and facilities in place of prox cards or contactless smart cards. One device supports both physical and IT security across an organization, providing a fully converged security solution.