Biometric Convergence

Example applications for adding biometric security

The plusID confirms its user's identity for secure access to protected resources – be it a tangible, physical asset or protected area, or intangible computer-based data.

Each plusID biometric device can support multiple application combinations so that a user needs only one device for all of their access authentication needs.

Physical Access

  • exterior/main entrances to buildings or facilities
  • interior doors to mission critical rooms, e.g., computer server rooms, records rooms, armories, network control centers, air traffic control rooms.
  • parking garages
  • vehicle gates at guarded facilities (from up to 100 meters)
  • cabinets (e.g., drugs, hazardous materials, combustibles)

Logical/IT Access

Local or remote access to:
  • PCs
  • networks
  • VPNs
  • email
  • encrypted files
  • encrypted folders
  • password protected software applications
  • password protected websites

Credential Transfer

Replacement or augmentation of identity documents, such as:
  • driver licenses
  • passports
  • corporate or government ID badges